Anxieties Part 1 of…. – Unfinished post

Anxieties Part 1 of…. – Unfinished post

August 09, 2019

One of the anxieties:

Last night, A came down asking if I had called 911 (I had gone to Urgent Care earlier that day due to another incident of concerning abdominal pain). I told him no, and asked why he asked .

Apparently, there was an ambulance parked outside or near the house.
I made a comment of which I can’t remember, and he replied, “Well, you know how they’ll park a few houses down…”

Apparently, one the day of Ted’s suicide, one of his friends had called him, asking what was going on because there were Sheriff cars parked near our house.

Now, there’s another part to this.

Last Friday evening, our first night in Great Falls for the weekend, I ended up having to go to the Emergency Room for some horrible, never experienced, abdominal pain. I had to have A call 911, after scaring him out of his sleep.

That kid handled the situation like a champ. Even telling the operator, “No, you’re staying on the phone with me until they come to the door.” Later, he would tell me he was freaking out on the inside.

He didn’t sleep much that night, checking in on me via text, and being on the deck when the taxi dropped me off. I know he checked on me while I slept.

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